controllo accessi veicolare

Vehicle access control has never been easier

LogiCity Factory is the software that centralizes all the information coming from different types of devices within the company for logistics management, weight measurement and vehicular access control.

Who is it for

  • All companies that want to manage the traffic of incoming and outgoing vehicles and monitor data such as weight control and management of the loading/unloading bay.

  • Highly customizable software, the management of commercial vehicles can be combined with access control of the vehicles of employees and suppliers.

Functionality and security

The scalable architecture with which it was designed allows at any time to add new types of devices or create new rules and actions.


LogiCity Factory acquires weight data through weighbridges and records transits through cameras for the automatic reading of the plates.


The transit counting software can be integrated with RFID systems, magnetic loops, radars, infrared devices or other hardware.


Controls accesses with respect to internal databases or recalling external databases; allows searches, statistics and exports.


Process weight data based on the loading / unloading sequence; verifies the correct route of the vehicle within the company.

and rules

Open bars and gates, automatically activate traffic lights, allow or disallow access to an area, parking, etc.

and alarms

Publishes data on messaging panels and reports the alarms configured to the operators via interface popups, e-mail, SMS or Telegram.

System architecture

Logicity Factory is a full Web Based application. The operator interface can therefore be consulted via the most common browsers. By being particularly flexible, its architecture fully embraces the concept of Cloud.

  • The various devices present in the area such as license plate reading cameras, traffic lights, PMVs, bars and weights are connected via IP.

  • The system supports multiple connection modes: local network, ADSL, Wi-Fi, radio links, 3G and UMTS.

  • The data acquired is sent to the processing unit which sends the required commands to the various devices.


The LogiCity Factory interface is intuitive and modular and supports different types of live views that allow the operator to monitor the different connected devices in real time.

Intuitive and multi-channel use

Fully customizable, multilingual and compatible by any browser.

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