Continuous learning is the foundation of innovation.
The value on which our work is based is the focus on the customer needs, because it is thanks to the study of the most innovative solutions that we have grown and can continue to evolve.

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A history of innovation


Born from the multi-year experience of Giuseppe Zilioli and Giuseppe Pugliese, LogicaPro immediately specialized in automatic plate reading systems. These solutions have found application in the management of vehicle access to restricted areas and have evolved giving rise to the first LogicaPro parking control system.


LogicaPro starts to collaborate with a multinational company in the field of production control through IT systems in the pharmaceutical and industrial fields. It improves and extends the application of its software and hardware solutions with many important orders in the production and logistics fields, both in Brescia and throughout Northern Italy.


A year that leads to important results, such as an increase in turnover of 65% compared to the previous one, a new larger and more functional site and technical staff increase. The development of the new scalable and completely Web-based platform for the integrated management of sustainable mobility, parking, traffic and security starts.


The collaboration with an important heavy industry company starts with the development of a system for the control, the tracking and the progress of the production, through direct connection with the PLCs. The System, which is also suitable for use on tablets, allows the customer to manage the production through the drag and drop movement of the pieces on maps that represent machines and departments.


Recent years have been characterized by a constant increase of customers, both in Italy and abroad, an increase in personnel and a continuous technological update. The LogicaPro team continues on its path of growth, always looking for new technologies to develop and integrate in its product range to provide its customers with more efficient and advanced systems.