LogiCity is present in the Local Police operations room of a consortium of Municipalities. The software controls about twenty license plate reading cameras – in this case Vega di Tattile devices – with which contextual cameras are associated. The cameras are installed on the entrance and exit gates of each member municipality.

The system, in addition to monitoring road traffic 24/7, checks the insurance and the revision status of the vehicles transiting on the roads being monitored in real time.

Black-lists, insurance coverage status and suspicions cars

The system manages a number of reported car lists (black lists) some of which are shared amongst all users and some are private and visible only to a subset of the users. This feature is very useful to both local police enforcement agencies and Carabinieri who can carry out investigations independently.

The events recorded by the system are all displayed in real time, with visual and acoustic signaling, on the monitors of the operations center.

The system acquires around 100,000 transits per day which are all stored for searches. The searches can be made by setting a series of filters: time and date, gate, plate (complete or partial), color, brand of the vehicle, etc.

Security, in real time, directly on the tablet

The system is also used on a tablet by agents on streets to stop and check in real time the cars reported as uncovered by insurance, not serviced or blacklisted.

The system has been installed in conjunction with a municipal video surveillance system and has allowed the police to identify cars of suspicious people, cars that had caused accidents without stopping and, reported runaway cars.