In an Italian municipality with a strong tourist vocation, LogiCity Park has been present since 2012; the system is used for the monitoring of barrier-free car parks located in the upper part of the city. The system checks the filling status of the car parks (free spaces) by using license plate reading cameras (Vega by Tattile) and coils connected to Moxa IoLogik systems.

LogiCity also controls a series of traffic light indicators (such as those shown in the figure below). Some are directly linked to the filling state of a single car park. Others placed along access roads indicate the filling status of several car parks.

Interface and Smart functionality

In the Control Room, operators have an interface from which they can see the filling status of the various car parks and, if necessary, modify the system parameters such as the method of counting the cars present (since there are no barriers it cannot be considered foolproof).

The operators can also intervene manually on traffic lights.

The real time filling status monitoring systems of these car parks without barriers allow the operators to manage the access of tourists with greater rationality. This functionality is extremely useful on days of heavy tourist turnout.

The most complete traffic data analysis tool

In addition to being used for calculating and checking the filling status of the car parks, the data read by the license plate readers are used for a number of other functions:

  • Statistics by country: daily data on the distribution of the nationality of foreign cars are provided to the local Tourist Office
  • Statistics by province: also provided to the Tourist Office are daily statistics on the origin of national cars
  • Permanence time statistics: time spent in the car parks being monitored
  • Visual\audio notifications in the operating room, Telegram and email messages when a car park fills up or reaches the warning filling threshold (almost full)

A number of license plate reading devices in the area are connected to the police station; in this configuration LogiCity is used for the control and security of the territory. The cameras located at the car parks entry\exit gates send the transit data to this system.