Monitoraggio del traffico

Software and IT System Development for companies

LogicaPro stems from the skills and vision of a group of professionals from the Brescia area who, for over 15 years, have been working in the field of Information Technology creating systems for industry, traffic monitoring, security and logistics.

What do we do?

Through the experience gained working alongside both small and large multinationals companies and thanks to the knowledge developed in different application areas, our company is now able to offer a wide range of services.

Our products

Full turnkey solutions to ensure control, security, efficiency, all just a click away.


Web software for Smart City and Smart Mobility: a fully web-based, scalable cloud based platform that, integrated with license plate reading systems, collects data on vehicle transits for simple and intuitive on-the-spot checks.

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LogiCity Park

Access control and parking system based on license plate reading, completely cloud based web. Useful for all companies, hotels, port parking lots, logistics companies and free parking areas.

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LogiCity Factory

Logistics, access and security control in the company. Centralize information coming from different types of devices to manage operations such as weight or loading / unloading and bay control.

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Case History

Our IT control systems applied to any reality.

Smart City

LogiCity at the Operations Room of the Local Police, where it controls about twenty license plate reading cameras installed on the entry and exit points of each associated council\municipality.

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Smart Mobility

An installation of LogiCity Park has been present since 2012 in an Italian town with a strong tourist presence that deals with the monitoring of car parks without barriers located in the upper part of the city.

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Smart Factory

LogiCity monitors input and output weights, directs vehicles, verifies routes and interfaces with management software in a company that has been active for years in the production and marketing of brass.

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