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Traffic detection has never been easier

LogiCity is a completely cloud-based, scalable web platform that, integrated with license plate reading systems, collects data and information on vehicle transits, allowing all the necessary controls to be carried out in a simple and intuitive manner.

Who is it for

  • All those who work in the field of public law enforcement and private security: local police, law enforcement and all those involved in security management.

  • The Public Administration, not only for the safety of the citizen, but also for the management of strategies related to the viability and pollution of the territory.

Web based technology, scalable and self-diagnostic

Robust and reliable

The core LogiCity engine now boasts hundreds of installations and customizations, in Italy and abroad.


Its flexible architecture allows the user to add new device types or create new rules and actions.


The system constantly self-monitors the accessibility of the devices, its own functioning and the availability of storage space.


Management of the user-selectable interface language; support for Arabic, Asian and Unicode characters.

Data processing and analysis

LogiCity has a set of configurable rules that allow you to analyse incoming data to detect:


Connection to verify RCA, Revision and number plates reported on SCNTT (National Central System for Plates and Transits).


Report vehicles that exceed a time spent in a specific area: parking lots, tunnels and towns.Report vehicles that exceed a time spent in a specific area: parking lots, tunnels and towns.


Identify and highlight correlations between movements, such as two or more license plates that often transit together.


Calculate and check the travel times between two locations, calculating statistics.


Calculate the average speed between two locations by analysing the traffic flows.


Collects traffic data and identifies stopped vehicles, queues and slowdowns.

Searches, reports, statistics

It is possible to search for the transits acquired by combining one or more parameters, such as the license plate – even partial – the make and colour of the vehicle, registration province, associated RCA.
All the acquired data is historicized and used for advanced statistical analysis and can be exported from the software to convenient tables useful for consultation.

Notifications and exports

In LogiCity everything is configurable; it is possible to set a series of rules (RCA control, stolen cars, parking coverage, residence times and traffic events) and decide how to notify them:

  • E-mail, SMS and Telegram

  • Page optimized for display on the road patrols on tablets

  • Popup and sound alarm on the web page for the control panel

Through the search page for transits and events, it is then possible to export the selected data in various ways:

  • Excel o PDF

  • Web page HTML with list of transits and images

Integrable devices

In addition to the license plate recognition cameras, LogiCity is able to interact with a series of other devices.

Intuitive and multi-channel use

Fully customizable, multilingual and usable from any browser.

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